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Discover Your Brand Voice
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Discover.  Develop.  Deliver.

Identifying the essence of your brand – what makes it unique – leads us on our quest to give it a face and voice of its own. How and where that message comes through is the interesting part. We’ve put zippers on frogs, brains in boxes, video crews in Haiti and Tim Allen in a recording studio. Learn More»

Our Work


Experience Matters.

We think the company delivering your brand communications ideas should have deep experience in your core business. And be able to back it up with relevant results.

From every aspect and at every level – we have been a trusted source for select industry categories for over 15 years.

Our ReLationships

Looking for sincere, long-lasting relationships with like-minded customers.

If only it was as easy as taking out a classified ad to engage new customers. In today’s digital world, there’s lots of new tools in the toolbox to help tell your story to the world. But it’s not about the tools. It’s about the talent. And the experience. And passion.

Clients like to work with Propeller because we’re all about the pursuit of new ideas that tell their stories with intelligence. And, in the process, we try to make it fun.

"The team at Propeller, understands our business in a way that many agencies don’t. They ‘get it” -- crazy deadlines, limited budgets, and the need to produce ROI-driven creative. This team is ready to jump in and step up whenever needed."

-Carissa Gingras, Director of Marketing, Consumer Engine and Service, Briggs and Stratton

"Propeller conveys, in the most compelling ways, the emotional and rational values of our brands. Whether a print ad or a video, Propeller can capture the essence of a story that fosters brand connectivity between dealer and customer.

The Propeller team – Good, fun people doing good work."

-Doug Page, Product Marketing, CNH Fiat Industrial

"They are able to do something few other ad agencies seem to want to do. They listen to us. For over 20 years, they’ve continued to respond in quick-turnaround fashion with fresh, original thinking. And because they understand our business, we don’t waste valuable time going through multiple concepts and executions."

-Steve Thomas, Manager of Marketing Communications, Johnson Controls

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